Music Performance Tours

Wens Travel can find the right stage in Europe for every kind of music group, such as concert bands, orchestras, choirs and jazz ensembles. Based on your groups desired performance itinerary, we will create a unique program which is adapted to your needs and wishes.

Our fully-serviced packages include:

  • Dedicated tour manager 24/7
  • Suitable venues
  • Appreciative audiences
  • Safe and reliable coaches
  • Clean and comfortable hotels
  • Local and licensed guides
  • Quality meals and restaurants
  • Sightseeing & visits

Tours can be complemented with excursions and top-level education and talent development programs.


Whatever your genre, we provide suitable venues. From more intimate venues or local events in villages such as Fiesta de San Juan to large concert halls in main cities, like Musikverein Vienna. We also organize joint performances and exchanges with local ensembles and schools. Due to our extensive knowledge and years of experience, we know what it takes to find the right venue for each ensemble with their specific needs and wishes. Please contact us for tailor-made opportunities.


Wens Travel strongly focuses on audience development. Promotional activities are included in the performing tour package. For every venue and every concert, we work together with music schools, local media and communities. Our promotion team on the spot is determined to find the right appreciative crowd, turning every European music performance into an unforgettable experience.

Masterclasses & Workshops

As a part of the music performance tour, Wens Travel offers various possibilities to top-level education and talent development programs. Music summer schools, master classes and (sectional) workshops in Europe provide excellent opportunities to develop talent and add new dimensions and expertise to both the individuals’ and ensemble’s abilities. Learning from European professionals and interacting with fellow European musicians open a whole new perspective by broadening scope and appreciation.

Festivals & Events

Through our strong network of contacts and partnerships, we can arrange participation at various European festivals and events. From competitions, friendship festivals or local (summer) concert series to participating in local cultural events. Next to small, intimate settings in little villages, we offer participation into large festivals that attract thousands of people. Examples are festivals such as Alte Pusteria Festival Tirol, Música  als Parcs Barcelona and St. Patrick's Parade Dublin. With so many music festivals and events held every year in Europe, there are plenty of opportunities for participation.

For festivals and events organized by Wens Travel, whether or not on behalf of you, see our Festivals & Events page.

Instrument Rental

Because we know how difficult it can be to transport precious and valuable instruments, we make sure that it’s done reliably and safely. Depending on the number and size of instruments, we will work with a trailer or instrument truck. If preferred, we can arrange temperature controlled transport.
Wens Travel can also organize rental of all instruments so groups don’t need to bring their own. From tuned pianos and percussion to double basses, cellos and harps, we can procure almost every musical instrument needed.

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