Special Interest

Wens Travel offers tailor-made tours for every group’s area of interest. Combining specific sights, locations and experiences, we can arrange tours for any interest you care to name, whether you’re looking for authentic educational experiences, opportunities for your sports team or architectural tours.

Our fully-serviced packages include:

  • Dedicated tour manager 24/7
  • Safe and reliable coaches
  • Clean and comfortable hotels
  • Local and licensed guides
  • Quality meals and restaurants

For dance and theatre groups, Wens Travel offers in addition:

  • Organized performances in internationally renowned or local venues
  • Appreciative audiences
  • Possible participation in festivals & events

We do everything from piecing together the perfect itinerary to providing all necessities (such as accommodation, meals and transportation), complementing it with excursions for a complete experience. Your group will be accompanied at all times by a dedicated tour manager who speaks the local language.

Some of the most popular tours we offer:

  • Faith based tours
  • Theatre tours
  • Train tours
  • Sports tours
  • WWI and WWII tours
  • In the food steps of the famous Painters
  • Habsburg Family tours
  • Culinary food tours
  • Wine and beer tours
  • Christmas Markets tours
  • Chocolate tour
  • Famous Composers
  • Literary tours
  • Horticultural tours
  • Coins and artifacts tours
  • Architectural tours
  • Archeological tours

And many more…